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Lily Hassioti & Samuele Albani
Interactive installation, generative sound, system hacking

Thin Air Micro-Residency
The BEAMS, London, 2023

The work ‘Passaggi // Presenze’ explores the design of computationally sensed environments to involve the presence of the audience in a collaborative interaction. The flow of the audience entering and exiting the space, as well as their movements, create a generative sound and visual composition.


Passaggi // Laser proximity sensors detect the passage of people. Doors become thresholds, where each intersection modifies the soundscape and the visuals of the installation. Every new passage changes the note of a software synthesiser. At the same time, the image of who is entering is captured, displayed and archived as a layered collection of passages.

Presenze // A machine learning algorithm traces the position of the people moving in the space, analysing the input of a camera. The coordinates are used as parameters to modulate the sound and to visually map presences. This real-time feedback invites participants to create an improvised and collaborative choreography by moving in the space.


The piece has been developed during the Thin Air art residency at the BEAMS in London, as a live intervention of hacking the ‘Impure Functions’ installation by the UCLA Conditional Studio.

Networking, Distance sensors, Tensorflow model, MAX/MSP, Processing

Presented in:

The BEAMS, London, 2023

As part of Thin Air Micro-Residency

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