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Audiovisual installation

Primarolia Festival, 2023

What qualities can be unlocked through the use of a code that is no longer utilised? What poetics can be found in the miscommunication, confusion, interruption and low resolution?
In this work, two telegram codes are reanimated in an imaginary discussion: the private code from the Tzinis personal archive 1931, and Bentley’s complete phrase code book. Through the use of computer code, the two protocols for communication are put in a dialog, using the 5-letter encryption structure as the common ground for the exchange of information.
The empty codes that appear in Bentley’s book come into a conversation with the personal messages of Tzinis, in a way that language, sound, and noise are blended together, as methods for exchange of information. The algorithmically generated noise points to a potential disrupted connection, a faulty cache, or an empty file, while at the same time, keeps the space open and holds the capacity for new non-linguistic associations.
An effort for communication that turns back to challenge the medium itself, and re-materialize the forgotten, the empty and the obsolete.


Video installation, sound, custom MAX/MSP program


Presented in:

Primarolia Festival, Villa Kola, 2023

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