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Light and sound installation

Goldsmiths University, 2023

‘Mixed Signals’ is spatial composition of light and sound that explores the notions of transmission and reception within a network of objects. These objects communicate with each other through analog and computational means, by being in a shared space and a local network.  
The information that is being passed on between them as signals, is materialised as light and sound, giving emphasis to the process of (mis)communication. Thus, blinking patterns, rhythmic beeps, radio transmissions, and phone signals - mix in space, to create a sound/light scape. Sound is transmitted over light, by blending the sound waves with the lightwaves, and so what is sent as light, it is received as sound, either as music, or as the pure frequency of the light.

The composition floats between comprehensibility and abstraction, reception and noise, understanding and confusion. The noise between two radio stations, the arbitrary blinking and the abstract light create this suspension that opens up a space in-between. This noisy and glitchy space, allows for the unintended, false or lost signals, to become part of the composition, in a process of re-articulating the Signal.


Light and sound installation


Pre recorded radio, light frequencies, projection, amplifiers with solar cells, repurposed torches and lamps

Presented in:

Goldsmiths MA/MFA Computational Arts Degree show 2023

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