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YAD / 2018

Recorded performances

HaMifal project space, Jerusalem, Israel

Examining the power of the hand in the Hebrew language and in the act of making. 

The hand (Yad) is comprised of the two letters Youd and Dalet. The first symbolizes spirituality as it has the smallest physical presence as ink on paper. The second one symbolizes the material world through action. Therefore, when you put together the words, it literally translates as the hand being the instrument that brings an idea (from the spiritual world) into matter (physical world) through the act of making.


As the material starts to take the focus during the performance, I switch from writing Yad, into writing Dai. Dai is the two same letters Youd and Dalet, with inverted order. This means in Hebrew, stop. And this occurs as physicality starts exceeding spirituality.

Performance with mud from the dead sea.


In a similar fashion, this performance explores the connection between man, place and language. Adam in Hebrew means both Man and Earth (soil). Hence here I am inscribing the word Adam into red sand taken from the Negev dessert in Israel.

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