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there / 2017

Video featured in the exhibition Scrolling

Themistoklis Pappaioannou gallery,  Athens

In collaboration with Ileana Arnaoutou


“The space of the gallery functioned as the starting point for this new path of search and creation.

Closing the circle of this summer we return upon this place to show the fruits of our journey.”


SCROLLING A word widely known. A movement that we have all integrated into our daily routines.

A motion that happens almost automatically. The means for relaxation, research and time passing.

A kind of everyday and ephemeral finder. The speed with which the images and information slide from underneath our fingertips and into our eyes intrigued us to investigate the nature of this multi- faced movement to find its relation to the motions of our lives.

The momentum that develops through the rigorous switch of current situations and environments between Athens (our birthplace) and abroad (where we live and work) andbetween the city and rural environment. The flow of shared imagery and emotions that stems from our social and personal lives during this summer in Greece. The repetitive everydayness, which is interrupted by the Summer. All of these movements tie together harmoniously to form the changing rhythm that inspired our creation.

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