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Instrument for dissonance / 2020

Athens Open Studio

This experiential installation functions as a responsive yet autonomous instrument, producing a dissonant, repetitive and looping sound that evokes unrest and turbulence. It becomes a closed system of awkwardness and anxiety, where force is being transferred across the elements in sequential waves. Ropes bang on metal sheets that tremble in an uncontrolled way - a manic but at the same time, rhythmed situation.

The movement, the pulsating surfaces, the banging of the swirling ropes and the effort of the motors starting, create an instantaneous sense of urgency; a feeling that fades away with time, as the sound dissolves into an endlessly repetitive soundscape and becomes absorbed into the situation.  

This continuum is slightly altered by the human presence, shortening the wavelength of the loops according to his/her position in space. Human presence works as the reset factor that interrupts the pattern but doesn't ultimately cause a significant change. Like a cybernetic system that calibrates itself to an equilibrium, this piece will continue to run, integrating human interference.


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