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Look mum I made my bed / 2020

ILIOR co-living space, Athens

Installation or the opening of ILIOR

The experience of traveling a lot during the past few years and changing various locations and flats, made me challenge a lot what home meant for me.
This installation reflects my thoughts on the notions of relocation, belonging, comfort and family. How can one feel at home when he is miles away from it? What personal belongings does one take with him when relocating? How does one pick where to build his nest and who to share it with?

Duvet, pillows, marble egg (Made in 2016 in Florence. Hand carved Carrara marble )

Metal shelves:
Tiny pillow: Borrowed temporarily from my bed.
One of the very few items that I always take with me when relocating

Tiny wooden egg: Part of my extensive collection
Each egg is bought from a different place I go, building this way a nest without borders


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