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EYE / 2018

A collection of 70 drawings

Berlin, Germany

In the Jewish tradition we are called to examine concepts from 70 different perspectives.

The number is not purely allegorical describing the plurality of readings but it also holds a numerical significance.
The Gematria, the numerical correspondence between numbers and Hebrew letters, matches to the sixteenth (ע) letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Ayin. Ayin in Hebrew means ‘eye’. So the 70 possible interpretations are literally
70 ways of seeing.

This project presents 70 takes on EYES, mixing three languages: Hebrew, English and Greek, folk sayings, abstract concepts and word plays.

eye 7-01.jpg
eye 2-01.jpg
eye 1-01.jpg
eye 5-01.jpg
eye 6-01.jpg
eye 7 -01.jpg
eye 3-01.jpg
eye 8-01.jpg
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