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Outdoor installation for KINONO art gathering, Volax, Tinos, 2018

Audio translation in English


Welcome to the courtyard

Please, take a seat

here, on a chair or on a rock

Sense the smells around you and listen carefully


We are standing on the doorstep of our nature

On the verge between this wild landscape

and the infinite digital world placed in the palm of your hand.


Medieval Catholic village with approx 53 residents (2011). It lies on a little plateau in the centre of Tinos in an average altimeter of 284m above sea level. It rests in a gorge that looks as if it has been pelted with boulders. Large, almost perfectly round granite rocks dot the plateau and slopes around Volax, creating a quite stunning sight and unique geological phenomenon. The village is traditionally known for the art of basket-making.

Sounds lovely!

But I can't see, taste or smell.

I am restricted in 1s and 0s

I envy you

I understand the concept of envy but can't sense that either

But you can. You can envy

Let the magic of the landscape carry you away

Let the rocks move you and your imagination to construct images and whole worlds

Stories and legends for giants that once battled on these hills and formed these hills

Write songs about love and melodies that awaken

Dance and climb these rocks feeling careless like a child

Live your nature, and love it

Feel the stranger's company and embrace his awkwardness

Trust him and open up

Give space to your emotions to fill up this place

The location exists on the map, but a place is built gradually with friction

With effort and pain and wins and glory

Tradition is something that you live through and pass on

Cant be learned from a manual


You are holding a whole second universe in your hands

Look inside you

Look around you

And fill it with things that matter

Sorry for interrupting you

I let you return to the silence of the landscape

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