Lily Hassioti is a new media artist that works along a variety of materials and processes, creating installations and interactive projects that engage audience in experiences. She is based in Athens, working in Athens Open Studio, a space for creativity and education that she co-founded with Ileana Arnaoutou in 2018.


Much like the hardware needs it’s software, my work is the culmination of the tangible and the intangible in an ephemeral positioning. I investigate the structure, organisation and connectivity in natural, technological and social systems, as well as the way we access them. I focus on the currents, energy and information that runs through them and the tools we employ to navigate them. By looking at the plurality and co-dependance of networks, my work wishes to evoke sensitivity and understanding for a post-technological symbiosis.

Working across media, I create sculptures, videos, performances and interactive installations  that engage audience in experiences. Matter being at the heart of my work, it points to the significance of its material properties and cultural context. It works as a point of departure for a multi-layered narration that often expands simultaneously into the digital realm. As a counterweight to the overload of unprocessable data, my work aims to achieve an understanding of the sensorial built-in systems of bodies to process information. Therefore the viewer becomes part of the work either as an observer, an organism or hyle, functioning as the ‘ground’ that closes a circuit. Time is condensed into this moment of interaction, and remains stored as photographic documentation. The presentation is followed by deconstruction and reorganisation of the materials into new installation, minimizing loss.


statement of practice


ARTWORKS 2020 -2021
Stavros Niarchos Fellowship Award
RSA:NC 2017

Selected artist for RSA New Contemporaries

Exhibition ( 18 Feb - 15 March )

RSA John Kinross Award- 2016

Scholarship to Florence

DJCAD Undergraduate Prize - 2015

Awarded the Armistead Bursary for excellent performance



Courtyard, For Kinono Art Gathering, Volax, Tinos island , GR

The Garden of Evolution, Athens International Airport - Eleftherios Venizelos, Athens, GR



The Garden of Evolution, Dundee Botanic Gardens, Dundee, UK


Serving off Matter, (Exhibition behind closed doors), Athens Open Studio, Athens, GR
Back to Athens 7: μetaΑθήνα / pόστΑθενς, (New ritual society), Eolou st. 48-50, Athens, GR

Athens Digital Arts Festival 15 years, FOKAS, Athens, GR

EXPOSITION 1 , Athens Open Studio, Athens, GR

COAST , An Talla Solais, Ullapool, UK 

Urban Ecologies Flow, Phoenix Gallery, Athens, GR


Scroll (with Ileana Arnaoutou) , Themistoklis Papaioannou Gallery, Athens, GR



Athens Digital Arts Festival, Instituto Cervantes, Athens, GR   

CAVE After Plato (with Lucy Wayman) , Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Edinburgh, UK
RSA: New Contemporaries 2017, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, UK


Graduates Degree Show, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design,Dundee, UK
Paradigm Electronic Arts, Summerhall, Edinburgh, UK

PROJECTile, Cooper Gallery, Dundee, UK

In Transit, Matthew gallery, DJCAD, Dundee, UK

Make:Shift:Do Dundee, Matthew Building foyer, DJCAD, Dundee, UK
Aurora, GSA Grace & Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow, UK
Constructed Materiality, Cooper Gallery, Dundee, UK

project coordination

2020 -  Serving off Matter, (Exhibition behind closed doors), Athens Open Studio, Athens, GR

2019 - EXPOSITION 1 , Athens Open Studio, Athens, GR

2017 - CAVE After Plato (with Lucy Wayman) , Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Edinburgh, UK

2016 - PROJECTile, Cooper Gallery, Dundee


Documentation video for the 15th Athens Digital Arts Festival
18 June 2019
Interview for project 210 by Multilab Productions

20 June 2017, project210.gr (online)

"Degree Show review: Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee"

28 May 2016, The Scotsman (online)

"DJCAD Degree Show 2016: Fine Art (Sculpture, Matthew Building)"

21 May 2016, Dundee University Review of the Arts (online)

"Ones to watch at this year’s Art School degree shows"

20 May 2016, The LIST (online)

"Heartfelt remembrances at Dundee's art college"

28 May 2016, The Herald Scotland (online & print)

"Garden will be alive with the sound of music"

27 April 2016, Evening Telegraph (print)

"Botanic Garden: Art installation gets interactive"

26 April 2016, The Courier (print)

"The Garden of Evolution" part of IGNITE Dundee Festival

25 April 2016, Ignite Festival (online)

"The Garden of Evolution - an exhibition by Lily Hassioti"

5 April 2016, University of Dundee (online)

"The Garden of Evolution by Lily Hassioti"

4 April 2016, Creative Dundee (online)

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